Donald graduated at the Groningen conservatory in 1992, and played a variety of music until 1995. From pop and rock to musicals and bigbands, and later Zippy Leaps and The Veldman Brothers.

In 2019 he joined Fat Harry & The Fuzzy Licks and is also featured in Bluesworld Collective and The Williams & Grey Band.

His first musical memories stem from the end of the 60’s: Motown and Stax and how that music grabbed him. Those beats and grooves are still the basis of his musical intentions. He grew up with the music of James Brown, Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham and of course James Jamerson.

After graduating at the conservatory he got lost in commercial music and eventually he lost the pleasure in making music.
After a decade he picked up his bass again to start playing in a bluesband. Just some simple chords and not to many fuss.
But every tone out of his bass feels like his own heartbeat, pure energy and passion.

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  • Fat Harry & the Fuzzy Licks
  • 06-53906363
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